1. Read and follow the safety rules and guidelines written by the products manufacture which can be found on the lower right corner of the inflatable.
  2. Totally Tent & Party Rental does not install inflatables on asphalt or concrete. Inflatables are designed to be used on grass so they can be securely staked into place. Putting inflatables on asphalt or concrete is unsafe.
  3. No shoes should be worn inside of inflatables.
  4. Socks must be warn inside bounce houses at all times.
  5. All sharp objects such as car keys and devices that may be damaged such as cell phones should be removed from riders pockets before entering the inflatable.
  6. Any jewelry that you may be wearing should be removed prior to entering the inflatable to prevent damage or injury.
  7. No pets of any kind are permitted on or inside inflatables.
  8. Most injuries involving inflatables come from the unavoidable bumping into each other, which occurs when riders are bouncing up and down. In order to avoid injury separate the riders by size. Make sure that only riders of approximately the same height and weight are in the unit at any one time.
  9. If weather conditions become inclement during the use of the inflatable, remove riders from inside the unit immediately. Turn off and unplug the blower from the electrical outlet and place the blower in a dry location. Do not resume use of the inflatable until weather conditions improve and the blower is completely dry.
  10. Individuals that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not enter the unit.
  11. After an inflatable unit has been installed by the Totally Tent and Party Rental’s highly trained staff, the inflatable should not be tampered with or moved from its original location for any reason.
  12. Common sense and adult supervision is important. A responsible adult should be monitoring the inflatable and the individual’s inside of it at all times.
  13. It is Totally Tent and Party Rental’s policy not to set up any inflatables on concrete.


Inflatable Cancellation Policy:

Inflatables cannot be used in adverse weather conditions such as rain, thunder, lightning, high winds or snow.

In the event that adverse weather conditions make the cancellation of an inflatable reservation necessary, our customers will be given the option to reschedule the date of their rental or be given a full monetary refund.

Totally Tent and Party Rental only gives monetary refunds to customers whose Inflatable reservation has been prevented by adverse weather conditions.